Saturday, February 19, 2011

SHINee reveals a ’sexy’ photo, drinking habits, and Taemin’s mental age

SHINee fans were delighted with the candid interview the boys had on the February 18th episodeof KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay“.
The interview kicked off with member Jonghyun revealing that he didn’t think himself to be handsome. This prompted the members to ask Jonghyun about what his mother thought, and with a laugh, Jonghyun responded, “She thinks I’m handsome.”
He then shared a childhood photo where he’s posing in just his swim trunks. He grinned, “I was a lot prettier as a child“, and the show put up the caption “Sexy Jonghyun” next to the photo, which amused viewers greatly.
When asked to choose a physical attribute that he was confident in (aside from his looks), Jonghyun replied, “Shoulders, maybe?”
During the show’s ‘truth’ corner, member Minho was asked to choose his ideal woman, to which he shyly replied, “I like women older than me.”
When asked why, he continued, “For some reason, I like older women more than younger women.  I feel more comfortable and at ease.”
The reporter then revealed that she had heard Onew was quite the drinker.  Although Onew refused to admit it, Key confessed, “Onew-hyung pours the alcohol!  He doesn’t just drink it, he pours it into his body!”
Taemin was then asked whether he thought he had the oldest mental age in the group. He replied, “False!“, and then attempted to go into a long and serious discussion to have some fun with the question.
Minho continued, “When we aren’t able to take care of him, he always tells us it’s okay and is always trying to be understanding.”
Check out the maknae’s ’aegyo’ in their segment below!
Source + Photos: Osen via DaumTV Report,

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